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New Product Feature


Omicron Controls, Inc. is proud to announce its recent partnership with Grundfos to offer their full line of pumps including the SMART Digital XL chemical dosing pumps.  The leaders in this family are the DDA and DDE models.

The SMART Digital XL chemical dosing pumps bring state-of-the-art technology to perfection with the help of stepper motors.  While others use a solenoid that directly injects the chemical dose at the specified rate, it does so in a single stroke.  This can lead to gaps in the treatment of your process fluid.  With the Grundfos solution, the stepper motor allows for a more finely tuned injection of the chemical which provides accurate dosing at various speeds and ensuring a consistent feed into the process. 

The SMART Digital XL is capable of dosing concentrated chemicals.  What this means for you is the chemicals do not have to be diluted; therefore chemicals are saved, transportation costs are reduced, and smaller dosing tanks can be used.  This makes for the total cost of ownership pay for this pump in no time!

The DDA-FCM model can provide an integrated flowmeter, again saving you cost, on the need for an external flow meter to control your feed.  The positive displacement flow meter precisely measures the dosed volume per stroke and the integrated controller corrects the dosing flow automatically.  This means full control of the dosing process on both the suction and pressure side with automatic failure correction, detection, and elimination of air bubbles, and start of the automatic priming program.

The DDA also provides a backlit screen that doubles as a status indicator.  The standard display is lit green when the pump is performing within specifications.  Should an error occur, that throws the pump out of spec, then the display will light up red as a quick visual indication of the error being displayed. 

The SMART Digital XL series does not require standard weekly maintenance, like others, creating down time, parts and labor costs.  To find out more about this line of product as well as the other pumping solutions offered by Grundfos, please contact your local Omicron Controls, Inc. sales person at sales@omicroncontrols.com or 1-800-METER-99 (800-638-3799).

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